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Since the beginning…



30 people who have jointly completed training on the subject of potential development would like to jointly found a company that is intended to be an example of more values and ethics in business. The individuality of the individual and successful relationships should be at the heart of the company. In total, more than 20 business ideas are outlined and discussed. A sponsoring association is founded, which is to finance the start of the company with membership fees from all participants.


The concept

The concept of a rice drink base based on the large pack model of Prof. Günther Faltin (tea campaign) is identified as the most viable and enthusiastic idea in the group. The team works out the business model and what the product and its sale should ideally look like. A WIN WIN for all involved in the value chain from the basic rice product to the customer is at the forefront of the considerations.


Search for components

The components (manufacturer, bottler, transport, logistics, online shop, etc.) are searched for that can produce and fill our product as desired. We find what we are looking for in Italy, where we can win THE pioneer for the production of cereal drinks in Italy as a partner due to our ethical attitude. He develops the product with us and we will make the first trial filling in spring 2015. We announce the logo and the company name, it wins the name Libuni, which stands for „Liberty and Unity“, freedom and unity, which we have defined as the basic values of our company.



We establish our company as an association due to the many participants and our online shop goes online. In September 2015 we will hold the first Libuni package in our hands. In the first half of the year we sell 15,000 tetrapacks of 0.5 litres each. We attend the first trade fairs and Libuni is officially launched on the market.


Growth and development

The product is very well received on the market, customers are enthusiastic about the variety, the taste and the price. The first two years are characterized by the sounding out of sales concepts, an increasing structuring of internal processes and rising sales. A core team of 4-6 people emerges, who work for Libuni on a part-time basis (mostly on a voluntary basis) and there are the first three part-time employees.



Foundation of the cooperative and new design

The corporate form of the association is increasingly proving to be unsustainable for our company and we find in the cooperative the right corporate form that corresponds to our ethical and sustainable attitude. To this end, we find the right home in the Rückenwind cooperative association. The support principle of all parties involved (including our cooperatives) is the focus of the new foundation as a cooperative. We want to open our company to all those outside the founding team who are enthusiastic about Libuni and want to join in. The new company will be accompanied by a new, clearer design and a more beautiful and interactive website. In March 2018 Libuni eG is entered in the Vienna commercial register.


The process

How do we make our products


The best raw materials

For our rice drink we use the best raw materials, which are produced according to a and processed in Italy, which has been cultivated and processed for centuries. Italian organic riceItalian / Organic Sunflower Oil / Mineral water / Salt


Manufacturing process

The rice is ground, mixed with water and heated. This results in a Fermentation and carbohydrates are converted into sugar. (Therefore Libuni tastes so sweet without added sugar). Before we cool down our drink, we’ll give it a little more time. Add sunflower oil and salt.



The coarse rice pieces are filtered out and voilà the Libuni rice drink is ready. In contrast to conventional rice drinks, we only filter the coarse rice parts out. In this way, the valuable nutrients are preserved and we achieve this typical, full-bodied Libuni taste. The filtered rice grains are used as organic animal feed.



The finished Libuni rice drink is taken to the bottling plant with the help of the UHT. Technology preserved and packaged in 500ml Tetrapack.

The process in video

How do we make our products